There are a variety of different training methods you can use to get your body in peak shape and Just Fitness has the right kind of equipment and a team of professionals that can certainly help you achieve that goal.

High intensity training can be done with body weight exercises, machines or free weights. It is always preferable to use machines when possible as they are safer and efficient (and more effective) than body weight exercises or free weights.

High intensity training is typically done by using simple compound muscle exercises with one or two isolation exercises mixed in as well. I still currently do the big five routine which is detailed in “Body by Science” and uses five simple compound weight training exercises. I then add an isolation exercises after doing the five compound weight training exercises. All exercises should be done slowly taking, with each repetiton taking 6-10 seconds.

The weight of the exercise should be about 80-90 percent of your maximum possible weight you can use for that exercise. The total amount of reps should be about 10 or if you are measuring with a stopwatch should take about one minute. Exercises are done until positive failure and at the point you can’t push it anymore, then hold for at least ten seconds and slowly release.

Do you know that your heart benefits from weight training? Strong muscles built through weight lifting needs less oxygen to accomplish the same tasks, so, that’s less work for the heart. It also keeps your blood pressure under check.

People who have trouble losing weight can benefit from strength training. This turns fat to muscle, which is good for burning calories. Muscle tissue burns 15 times more calories than fat tissue. So, you keep burning calories even when you are at rest. Kick up your metabolism by taking up weight lifting.

With strong muscles you need less effort to carry out activities and you also find energy to do more. People who weight train find that their energy levels are higher than those who don’t.

Weight training benefits bones along with muscles. It is a great aid in preventing osteoporosis. Women should pay particular attention as they face a high risk of osteoporosis once they hit menopause as the protective hormones are no longer generated by the body. This causes bones to crack or break. Regular weight-lifting can help prevent problems in the future.

Weight lifting workouts are the cornerstone of any successful muscle gain program. Without the proper stimulation, your muscles simply will not grow. If you’re trying to build muscle mass but don’t know how to structure your weight training workouts for muscle growth look no further.

If we incorporate some kind of exercise in our daily routine, we will stay strong and sharp for years to come!

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